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All of A Sudden The Moment is Yours 


This two piece project by Defne Erdur was  performed in  different places of a shopping mall in Istanbul. The idea was spearing a moment for yourself at the heart of the city.



Lives with Ups and Downs


Lives with Ups and Downs took place in the elevator. Performers Defne Erdur and Sebnem Yuksel occupies one of the elevators for the whole day in the shopping mall and transform it into a living room where you can read, sit and have a cup of tea.



Out of the line conversations in a Line


Out of the Line- Conversations In a Line took place inside the women’s toilets. The improvisation was performed by Ozlem Kaya (violin), Burçin Elmas (saxophone) and Sebnem Yuksel (dance), Defne Erdur (dance). 


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