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Lady of Diamonds / Karo Kadın 

Being the second piece of a triology, “Lady of Diamonds” represents the woman after modernism which is the opposite of the rst piece,  “ Queen of Hearts” where the archaic female qualities wee represented.

“Lady of Diamonds” examines the alienated women who lost her center and got stuck in  21st centuries’ artificially structured “body”. During the piece, the woman witnesses her struggle to find herself back.”


Concept: İlkay Türkoğlu

Choreography & Perfomance: Şebnem Yüksel,  İlkay Türkoğlu

Dramaturji: Hayati Çitaklar

Sound Design: Ömer Sarıgedik

Art Director: Sıla Karakaya

Lighting Design: Alev Topal



Premiered in Garajistanbul


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