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Queen of Hearts 


They allowed the associations triggered in their bodies by the images which came into being in their minds to take them on a journey. They have been created by their creations along the way. Just like the Phoenix which is reborn anew from its ashes, the process first destroyed and then recreated each of them over and over as a new “self”. The pain they felt was, perhaps, not that of the mother who gave birth to them but that of the human being who struggled to find a new body from its ashes of death.”



Concept & Choreography: İlkay Türkoğlu

Choreographical Materials & Perfomance: Şebnem Yüksel,  İlkay Türkoğlu,

Text: Hayati Çitaklar

Sound Design: Ömer Sarıgedik

Costume Design: Zepür Hanımyan

Lighting Design: Damla Hacaloğlu

Thanks to; Bimeras, İdans-EIM (Europe in Motion)


Premiered in, 18th Istanbul International Theatre Festival


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